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Every project is individual. However as an estimate a forecast of two years from project launch.

Fontem will strive to meet all purchaser requirements, and if there is a project already underway, we will always offer this to you first if time is important to you.

Apartments can remain unsold prior to construction but the ability to modify as well as stamp duty savings is impacted if taken up at a later stage. We aim to work with you to make any savings possible on stamp duty.

Fontem projects will be located throughout Melbourne’s inner city suburbs. Each location will be easily accessible to public transport and commercial areas. Our choice of locations is also governed by registration preferences and enquiries.

Yes, the apartment is yours on its own title. You may sell it, rent it or renovate it just as you would with any house or apartment property.

We require a 10% holding deposit from Contract Execution or Bank Guarantee to the equivalent value.

Stamp duty is dependent on your personal situation and property value. There are considerable benefits in stamp duty savings with all of our apartments when buying off the plan.

Body corporate fees are commensurate with traditional apartment buildings but depend on the number of apartments. Generally a budget below $3,000 p/a is maintained. When selecting an appropriate body corporate manager, we ensure value-aligned contractors are engaged for common area cleaning and maintenance which is integral to the ongoing use and longevity of the building.

Home design FAQs

Yes. One of the greatest benefits of purchasing a Fontem home off the plan is the ability to modify to suit personal requirements. We encourage our buyers to think about the way they will interact with their homes, now and in the future. We will help you with this process.

Of course, pets are an integral part of any happy home life.

The benefit of Fontem is that your apartment will already accommodate your future needs as they are built into the design.

All Fontem projects exceed current ESD regulations and provide 6-star energy ratings.

Each tenant only pays for the services they use. Our established list of pre-qualified service providers is available to all Fontem purchasers.

Each Fontem development allows for assisted living within each apartment. Our buildings also include a designated carer’s studio which is managed through the body corporate.

Fontem integrates an easy-to-use booking system for all building occupants. You’re only a phone call or message away from having your hair done or your dog washed. In every possible way, we’re here to make your life easier.