What we do

We build homes that provide enjoyment and comfort.

Driven by our disillusionment with current aged care models and their lack of connection to what the community wants, our idea of success is not about yield, but to deliver a superior alternative how you live as you age.

We strive to deliver design excellence and build homes that provide enjoyment and comfort, that work with the owners’ needs and way of living, that reflect who they are.

Owners of Fontem homes will not find themselves having to move when their needs change, as Fontem homes are able to be easily adapted over time.

We work alongside purchasers much earlier than other developers – as early as site acquisition. We want to ensure that every need is considered and can be captured from day one!

Alongside Australia’s leading designers, architects, engineers, planners, interior designers, builders, landscape architects, we believe in the discipline and the craft of what we’re doing, and we only work with people who share those principles.