We understand every client has different needs and requirements.

We believe that offering our customers customisation is a key part of truly making Fontem a home forever. And as such, the opportunity to customise, should be offered during the initial design phase. 

There are clear financial benefits to buying the off the plan, however in addition to these we want to offer lifestyle benefits. Our process provides the opportunity to customise not only your home, but more broadly your building, its communal spaces and even its location. We want you to be part of all of it!

A Fontem project has the ability to have a one-on-one review at the design phase. This occurs directly with us and the architect, and is part of the contract of sale process.

During the one-on-one review, we will run through the available purchaser upgrades and how these can be fitted into your home, as well as reviewing any bespoke requirements and firsthand justification of the architectural intent.

A similar review with our technology partner and services consultant will be undertaken to ensure a holistic solution is found for every client’s needs and desires.