The nostalgic background

In 1513 Ponce De Leon set out from Spain in search of the fountain of youth… Fontem; Latin for fountain.

So strong was his drive to maintain youthful independence, that his quest took him to the far reaches of North America.

In our search for an ease of living, we at Fontem are driven to fulfil Leon’s mission to find our own Fontem.

The architectural beauty of fountains do not compromise on design, they bring people together, and are often the centrepiece of a community. Whilst fountains are in a constant state of flux, they are functional and serve a purpose – not unlike the homes we are building.

Water is often referred to as a building block of life. The role of water historically and philosophically spans cultures and the role of water is considered beyond its functional role, and as a symbol of purity, birth and beauty.

It is these principles that inform all Fontem designs and our company ethos.

How do we stay true to our nostalgia and deliver fontem today?

Fontem translates into a living standard that adapts and meets the changing needs of its occupants across their lifetime.

As your lifestyle needs evolve over the years, our integrated technology and design, means you don’t have to live differently. Fontem is here to ensure that you can maintain your lifestyle and choose the way you live every day.

For us that means never hindering a client’s lifestyle and always maintaining a sense of imagination when looking for solutions to today’s building constraints.