Integrated services

Innovative design. Integrated services. Your lifestyle.

Because we know that the desires of our residents can extend beyond a beautiful new home, we have set and adhere to a set of principles that are tailored to the individual.

Our approach is to allow (and even encourage) customisation throughout the apartment design process. We want our clients to have a say in how they navigate and use their homes. We sit down with purchasers at the start of every project to get a genuine idea of the way they want to live, as well as how we can create common areas that compliment residents’ lifestyles and foster communities. 

Fontem projects are designed holistically, and functional integration is applied to these six principles:

Architecture and ESD – All Fontem projects are Environmentally Sustainable Developments (ESD) that embrace environmental and thermal aspects of site and location.

Interior design – Design features such as extra wide halls and luxurious spaces with flat transitions come as standard.

Fixtures and fittings – Homes are fitted with designer fixtures and fittings, as well as pre-fitted timber noggins, so any future changes are integrated seamlessly as required, and work with the overall design aesthetic.

Building services & technology – Fontem are working alongside technology specialists to deliver first to market innovations that monitors the temperature, heartbeat and daily behavioural patterns of residents. We aim to provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind, wellbeing, and health security.

Concierge – Residents of Fontem homes can enjoy a specialist concierge service as standard, with a real person handling requests, not a bot.

Customisation – Fontem works alongside all purchasers to meet their very individual needs. The outcome is functional and sophisticated.